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Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Thinking gutter cleaning? Call in the experts! LeafVac is Melbourne’s No 1 roof and gutter cleaning company employing safety-trained manpower and cutting-edge machinery. Our professional crews will use powerful vehicle-mounted vacuuming machines to pull out leaves, dirt, and debris from those gutters and downpipes, leaving them absolutely clean!

Why Vacuum Clean the Gutters

Dry vacuum cleaning is the quickest, and cheapest, no-nonsense way to clean the gutters and downpipes. Cleaning is carried out by using flexible hoses attached to heavy duty vacuum cleaners mounted on trucks. Our experienced workers find the safest way to access the gutters and vacuum away every last straw or pebble from the gutters.

The downpipes are cleaned by fixing and sealing the hoses securely to the top of the downpipes, so the powerful vacuuming machines can pull out debris and blockages from the deep end of the downpipe. Leaf mess, bird nests, dirt and debris are pulled right into the belly of our truck, causing no mess and leaving nothing behind.

Why Safety is Paramount

Working on the roof is always risky. Most of the work related accidents in Australia happen when workers fall from heights. Serious injury or even death may result. The law holds the property owner liable for allowing workers to work unsafely. That’s why it’s critical that you hire a professional and safety conscious home gutter cleaning company like LeafVac. Here are some of the safety measures that we adopt:

  • All workers are safety trained to work on rooftops
  • Each worker is OH&S certified and competent in the use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  • Each crewmember has high quality PPE equipment such as helmets, gloves, shoes, etc
  • Proper use of and height safety systems, roof-anchors and safety harnesses is emphasized
  • We hold regular briefings and safety drills for worker


When it’s time to get those gutters cleaned, hiring LeafVac ensures a quick, neat, and hassle-free job. Our streamlined gutter-cleaning process is safe and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

Job Discovery

Our qualified gutter-cleaning supervisors assess the nature and scope of the job. We consider the type, height, condition, angle, and accessibility of the roof in order to determine the safest way to access or climb it.

Roof Access

Depending upon the type and condition of the roof, we use ladders or elevated platforms to access the condition of gutters.

Manual Inspection

Our safety-trained crews inspect the gutters and remove some of the blockages manually, if required. Sometimes we remove the mesh to make the vacuuming more effective.

Vacuum Pipes

Based on the assessment, we carry the pipes to the roof. Our crew places the loose end of the pipe inside the gutters and downpipes and starts the machinery.

Gutter Cleaning

We clean all kinds of obstructions from the entire length of the gutters. Then, we insert the vacuum pipe into the downspout and clean the downpipes right up to their deep ends.

That’s it! Your roof gutters will be spotlessly clean within minutes. The best thing is you’ll never see the mess we take out. Dirt, debris, bird nests, and all other kinds of blockages will be pulled into the vacuuming tank and hauled away.

Leafvac-Premier Gutter Cleaning in Ringwood

Are you searching for a company to clean your gutters? If that’s so, then you’ve come to the right place. With years of experience, LeafVac is providing professional, quality gutter cleaning solutions to both the commercial and residential sectors in the Australian suburbs.

Gutter cleaning in Ringwood can vary with respect to the size, height, length and several other factors. It’s best to view and analyze the property before quoting a price; that’s why you’ll find that most of our repair/replacement solutions are site-specific.

Not to mention, we even offer same day gutter cleaning, provided our schedule permits to do so. To schedule a gutter cleaning in Ringwood, please call us @ 0455-488-837.

Why Is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Gutters are high, out of sight and homeowners often tend to forget about them. Gutters are an integral part of every house, for they direct the flow of rainwater and protect not just the roof, but the walls and the entire foundation itself.

If gutters aren’t taken care of, they can contribute to a number of issues, including debris, leaks, unwanted pests, and ultimately, cause a significant damage to your property.

It won’t be wrong to state that gutter cleaning, if ignored, can cause you hundreds of dollars. While, not all homeowners forget about them, but most of them don’t have a ladder, long enough, to reach up to the height of the gutters. As a result, this task is often left out to professionals.

At LeafVac, our professionals will ensure that your gutter is clean, free from debris and your downpipes are properly flushed; for we understand that our clients don’t expect a service that is anything less than exceptional.

Why Hire LeafVac For Gutter Cleaning Ringwood?

Our crew is highly experienced and trained enough to handle all kind of gutter cleaning problems- be it a one-off clean or a regular service- we are here to help. We can also install gutter guards, for they’ll prevent any build-up of debris in future and save you from any kind of inconvenience.

However, here are two reasons for why you should only hire LeafVac for gutter cleaning and maintenance services in Ringwood:

Qualified Professionals

All our technicians are highly qualified and have years of experience in this particular field. They have undergone rigorous training, worked at heights and evaluated their platforms certificates; not to mention, they’re licensed as well as insured.
Our professionals try their best to carry out roof and gutter cleaning services without disrupting your daily routine/tasks.

Reliable Services

At LeafVac, we take pride in the services we offer- be it gutter cleaning or roof cleaning. We use the best skills and latest technology to provide gutter-guard, cleaning, and maintenance services to our loyal and valued clients in the Australian suburbs.
Our team of professionals regularly attend seminars to improve their efficiency and continue to offer the best gutter cleaning Ringwood services at the lowest possible prices.

Gutter Cleaning in Frankston

People often tend to ignore gutter cleaning for they are always out of sight. Uncleaned gutters can lead to several problems- leaks, debris and clogged pipes, to name a few- ultimately damaging your property.

LeafVac, a family owned, professional gutter cleaning company in Melbourne, provides fast, friendly and affordable gutter cleaning Frankston services for residential and commercial properties alike.

Whether it is a regular gutter cleaning or an extensive work, you can rely on our certified professionals. Our team of diligent and safety-trained experts uses heavy-duty truck mounted vacuum cleaners, ensuring your roof or gutter get the best possible clean.

Don’t Ignore Gutter Cleaning

Ignoring gutter cleaning in Frankston can lead to serious concerns, especially when it starts causing water damage to the property. Having said that, clearing the debris and making repairs isn’t a choice but a necessity.

Talking about damages, clogged gutter and pipes can result in the following issues:

Rotted Woods

If your gutter is uncleaned, there are high chances that debris might have piled up above the flashing line. Debris holds moisture which in turn affects not only the roof sheathing but also the framing behind the fascia.

Leaking Basement

When a gutter is clogged, the roof water overflows and gets accumulated around the foundation. Once water has been accumulated around the foundation, a basement leak is inevitable.

Furthermore, excess water against the foundation can lead to serious issues, the major ones being unwanted cracks and weak footings.

Pests, Plants and, Rodents

An uncleaned gutter often serves as a breeding ground for insects. Lack of cleaning causes water to pond, which is ideal for the breeding of mosquitoes, plants and even mice. This, in turn, can cause serious health issues to the residents living in that particular property.

What’s Better: DIY Or Hire?

Stay safe, don’t hire. That sums it all. It might seem like a good idea to grab a ladder, climb up to the roof and start cleaning a gutter by yourself. But trust us, it’s not. Every year falls from ladder sends thousands of people to hospital emergency rooms.

Even a fall from just a small distance from the ground can cause significant injuries. With that said, spending a few dollars on professionals gutter cleaning in Frankston is certainly a better option.

Our trained and insured workforce has the right tools and knowledge to provide a service that will leave your gutter clean and free of debris for quite a long period of time.

Looking out for a professional gutter cleaning company in Frankston? Look no further than Leafvac. Our crew utilizes the modern vacuum and pressure washing technology for gutter cleaning in Frankston and surrounding suburbs. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 0455-488-837.

Gutter Cleaning Narre Warren

AWinds in Autumn bring in a lot of debris; be it leaves, shrubs, dirt or plastic bags that could flow to your roof and your roof gutters. If not cleaned on time, the debris can turn into blockage and that can obstruct the water flow leading to leakage or overflow to the floor.

The blocked gutters need a thorough cleaning and that is only possible by an expert roof cleaning service. If you are looking for the same, LeafVac can help you. We provide the best-in-class gutter cleaning in Narre Warren.

The quality of work we provide to our clients and the satisfaction they get is the reason why we are now one of the most sought-after company for the roof and gutter cleaning in Narre Warren.

When you hire us, you can rest assured that we’ll exceed your set expectations. Our team members are fully trained in all the aspects of cleaning, they make full use of modern equipment like heavy duty vacuum machines and pressure pumps, and they maintain a safety parameter during the job.


What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Gutters?

  • Silt Buildup in the gutters leading to blockage
  • Deposit of water can form algae and is an ideal breeding ground for dengue and malaria-causing mosquitoes.
  • Pool of water can give birth to harmful bacteria
  • Blocked gutters cause water to overflow into your living area
  • Blockage is a potential threat to the overall roof

Why can you trust us?

We employ innovative methods to clean the gutters. When we get a job call, we send a team to inspect the surroundings, the roof, the proper survey of the roof gutters and the downpipes. Once we are done with the examination, we proceed to the clean it.

Our methods are eco-friendly and user-friendly, we try to keep the vacuuming noise to the minimum, so you can rest while we do the job. After the work is done, we clean the surroundings and don’t leave a hint of dirt for you to clean.

We take pride in our services and the way we carry it out, reasons why in a very short span of time, we have earned a reputation that has put us among the leading companies of Gutter Cleaning in Narre Warren.

Give us a call now @0455-488-837 and discuss your requirements. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free quotation for the cleaning services.

Gutter Cleaning in Cranbourne

Is water leaking down your walls into your home? Are you experiencing constant foul smell? If yes, chances are your roof gutter is blocked. To get rid of the smell and leakage, you’ll need to get the gutters cleaned.

LeafVac is a leading company that provides services like roof cleaning, solar panel cleaning and gutter cleaning in Cranbourne. We employ highly skilled individuals that share over 50 years of combined work experience in this field.

The quality of service we offer is elite class and yet our prices are modest, however, the overall cost may vary depending on the type of work you want us to do. For an accurate price estimation, you can give us a call, our team will examine your property and based on the size and amount of work, we’ll provide you with a cost-effective quote.

How We Work

Our range of services includes one-day cleaning to scheduled regular maintenance, covering all the important cleaning aspects of your house to prepare you for the winds of autumn and storm. By getting gutter guards installed on your roof, we will help you prevent the roof drainage from clogging prior to the hostile season.

We know not all of you can execute the task on your own, some of you might be aged enough and climbing ladders at such age is pretty damn risky. Our team members are not just qualified to do the job but they are well trained to counter every challenge that comes their way.

At LeafVac, we make use of modern equipment such as industrial vacuum cleaner to suck all the dirt and slit and whatever is blocking the gutters, followed by a pressure washing that removes the remaining or the leftovers. We ensure the downpipes are cleaned to the end to channel the water flow to the ground properly.

Being one of the best company providing gutter cleaning in Cranbourne, we make sure you get services that are nothing less than the best. We are solely driven towards relationship building, for us, gaining your trust and faith is the top most priority, rest comes later.

Our wide array of services are not only limited to Roof gutter cleaning but also roof repairs and restoration and pressure washing. And we are not limited to residential sector only, we cover commercial sector too.

For seamless and efficient gutter cleaning in Cranbourne, get in touch with us and discuss your requirements.

Gutter Cleaning in Eltham

Looking for local gutter cleaning Eltham services? We would be delighted to help you!

Here at LeafVac, we offer you professional gutter cleaning in Eltham with efficient techniques for lasting results. Our team is well-trained to provide same day gutter cleaning, provided you get your appointment booked with us beforehand.

Also, we have experienced advisors who can help you understand the severity of the project and guide you in the right way.

Our service charges vary according to the area and condition of the gutters. You can contact us anytime to schedule the property visit so that we can provide you the accurate cost estimates.

Why can you trust us?

To be the #1 contractor of gutter cleaning in Eltham, we have covered a long distance by making our services better and better each day. Apart from our hard work and dedication, there are several factors that make us stand ahead of our competitors:

50 Year of Combined Experience

With a combined experience of 50 years in gutter and roof cleaning, we can assure you quality service with the best workmanship.

We respect your privacy and care for your property values. This is why we have trained our staff to take all the necessary precautions to keep your home safe during the work.

Modern Equipment

We use low noise vacuuming machinery to clean the trash from gutters and downpipes.

It helps us in completing the job in a couple of minutes with any hassle. You can call us in or after your office hours, or the time that suits you the most, and we will reach you as soon as possible.

Safety Measures

We have provided special safety training to our workers and have provided them a personal protection equipment(PPE) to use on the project. It will save you from facing any legal penalties if any unfortunate event happens during work. (Legal Penalties: To allow workers to work unsafely).

Also, we have accident insurance cover for the third party and workers.

Customer Satisfaction

You can discuss your requirements with our qualified and experienced team members to get valuable advice on the same.

We focus on addressing the problems as soon as possible especially if it occurs from our end. Our crew member never left the premises until our customers get completely satisfied with our services

Are you facing rising damp, stained eaves and foundation crack issues in your home? If so, you need to be cautious as it can lead to further structural damage if not treated at the right time. So, hire professional gutter cleaning experts at the earliest!

With years of experience, we at LeafVac can ensure you thorough cleaning of gutters with specialized mobile vacuum cleaning machines. We provide gutter cleaning in Mornington, Melbourne and Eastern Suburbs.

We facilitate services right at your doorstep with just a single phone call. We are proficient in handling cleaning services for both commercial and residential properties.

Why is gutter cleaning in Mornington Essential?

  • Increases the life of the building
  • Improves water quality
  • Saves you from heavy repairing charges
  • Improves the flow of the rainwater harvesting system

Why can you trust us?

Here at LeafVac, we can assure you that your cleaning process will end up within the planned time and at the most affordable charges.
Keeping client satisfaction as our topmost priority, we have earned ourselves a sterling reputation in Melbourne and nearby areas. Here’s what makes us the best of the rest of the gutter cleaning companies:

Fully Trained and experienced staff that respect your privacy and value your time
100 % satisfaction guaranteed
Flexible working hours
Professional equipment for cleaning job
Dedicated staff aims to provide quality service
Providing you a roof repair digital report that outlines main issues.
Our professionals possess safety equipment to work on risky projects
OH&S certified workforce
We organize regular safety workshops


You can rely on us to handle the toughest problems with ease. Be it a residential or commercial roof and gutter cleaning, you can get the job done by our trusted professionals. Have a look at our services below:


Maintenance services are essential to keep the gutter condition under control. Neglecting services can just lead to foundation cracks or in extreme cases it can also cause structural Failure.


Overflowing gutters are dangerous for the foundation of any building. This problem mainly persists after the heavy rain when water doesn’t get way to the main drainage area due to the accumulated debris, branches and dust. We can help you scooping out debris from the gutter.

Also, we have accident insurance cover for the third party and workers.


Downpipes come connected with the main drainage system that if clogged badly, can crush the underground pipes. If in case, the problem is severe and requires vacuuming pipes, we do so by using low noise vacuum machinery to make sure you don’t get disturbed


You must have noticed your basement turning into swimming pool especially after strong downpours. The basement water can affect your house’s walls, foundation and roofs. We can help you in wiping out the water from your basement and cleaning the clogged gutters.

When you hire us for any of the above services, we begin our process by manually inspecting the gutters, drainage system and the roof of your house. Following this, we suggest you affordable solutions for your problem.

So, if you are in need of an urgent help for gutter cleaning in Mornington, please call us at 0455-488-837 to schedule an appointment.

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