Professional Gutter Cleaning in Wantirna

It’s that time of the year again where gutter cleaning is on your mind.

The autumn leaves have fallen, and the rough winds and rain of winter are fast approaching yet getting out there and climbing onto your roof is the last thing you want to do.

The solution? Hire a professional gutter cleaner in Wantirna to do it for you!

The importance of regular gutter cleaning in Wantirna can’t be emphasised enough. Surrounded by leafy areas like Koomba Park and within proximity to the Dandenong Ranges National Park, Wantirna gutters are quick to become blocked with leaves and debris. Once your gutters are blocked, it doesn’t take long for damage to occur. Overflow of rainwater and a build-up of stagnant water can lead to rotting wood, leaks, flooding and damage to the foundations of your house. This can result in some seriously hefty expenses down the track.

LeafVac is a professional gutter cleaning service in Wantirna that always goes the extra mile to make sure gutters are cleaned to the highest standard possible. We arrive with a powerful truck mounted excavation machine that will thoroughly clear your gutters with no mess and no fuss. We respect your space and privacy while we work and endeavour to have the job done as quickly and effectively as possible. We’re so proud of our gutter cleaning service that we’ll even give you a before and after photo to show you the work we’ve done.

Avoid the hassle of DIY gutter cleaning and call LeafVac today on 0455 488 837 for fast, affordable professional gutter cleaning in Wantirna.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident in our professionalism and excellence of gutter cleaning services and want you to have the same confidence in our work. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work