Vacuum Gutter Cleaning

Thinking gutter cleaning? Call in the experts!

LeafVac is Melbourne’s No 1 roof and gutter cleaning company employing safety-trained manpower and cutting-edge machinery. Our professional crews will use powerful vehicle-mounted vacuuming machines to pull out leaves, dirt, and debris from those gutters and downpipes, leaving them absolutely clean!

Why Vacuum Clean the Gutters

Dry vacuum cleaning is the quickest, and cheapest, no-nonsense way to clean the gutters and downpipes. Cleaning is carried out by using flexible hoses attached to heavy duty vacuum cleaners mounted on trucks. Our experienced workers find the safest way to access the gutters and vacuum away every last straw or pebble from the gutters.

The downpipes are cleaned by fixing and sealing the hoses securely to the top of the downpipes, so the powerful vacuuming machines can pull out debris and blockages from the deep end of the downpipe. Leaf mess, bird nests, dirt and debris are pulled right into the belly of our truck, causing no mess and leaving nothing behind.

Why Safety is Paramount

Working on the roof is always risky. Most of the work related accidents in Australia happen when workers fall from heights. Serious injury or even death may result. The law holds the property owner liable for allowing workers to work unsafely. That’s why it’s critical that you hire a professional and safety conscious home gutter cleaning company like LeafVac. Here are some of the safety measures that we adopt:

  • All workers are safety trained to work on rooftops
  • Each worker is OH&S certified and competent in the use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)
  • Each crewmember has high quality PPE equipment such as helmets, gloves, shoes, etc
  • Proper use of and height safety systems, roof-anchors and safety harnesses is emphasized
  • We hold regular briefings and safety drills for worker

Leafvac Gutter Cleaning Process


Job Discovery

Our qualified gutter-cleaning supervisors assess the nature and scope of the job. We consider the type, height, condition, angle, and accessibility of the roof in order to determine the safest way to access or climb it.


Roof Access

Depending upon the type and condition of the roof, we use ladders or elevated platforms to access the condition of gutters.


Manual Inspection

Our safety-trained crews inspect the gutters and remove some of the blockages manually, if required. Sometimes we remove the mesh to make the vacuuming more effective.


Vacuum Pipes

Based on the assessment, we carry the pipes to the roof. Our crew places the loose end of the pipe inside the gutters and downpipes and starts the machinery.


Gutter Cleaning

We clean all kinds of obstructions from the entire length of the gutters. Then, we insert the vacuum pipe into the downspout and clean the downpipes right up to their deep ends.

That’s it! Your roof gutters will be spotlessly clean within minutes. The best thing is you’ll never see the mess we take out. Dirt, debris, bird nests, and all other kinds of blockages will be pulled into the vacuuming tank and hauled away.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are confident in our professionalism and excellence of gutter cleaning services and want you to have the same confidence in our work. This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work.